Life, Time & Decision are treacherous things!


I now understand  why somebody compares time it with a river; because it twists, changes directions,  units with other waters and goes the way no matter what hindrance  comes, it just flows. This is also how life is. It just unfolds with your decision  that you consciously or unconsciously make with the people in your life or not.

In addition, you may have a free choice to pick up a stream you want to go, but along with Ms. Free Choice there is another friend who tags with him,  Ms. Consequence, however he may come with a little delay. At first you may not see it, like the shoots at the bar, but eventually it will come and when it comes then it will hit you when you would at least expect. Booom! Also the brothers “Free Choice & Consequence” are unseparate like two sites of a coin… you will never lose them, never! A good thing to thing to keep in mind is that which direction, decision you pick,  it will never be perfect, because there are no perfect decision, only decision’s that you can live with and survive them.

At this point you may wonder where the hell I am going write in my post? Mhhmm… good question. What I would like put across with this, is basically to spend some time with the decisions which you took and ponder around why you took them and why. This can be sometimes a little painful.  Even if you would postpone it, or not take any stand for it, it is still a decision. No matter if your are active or passive, it is still a stand and through that this shapes your life and indirect also you. Yes, this is a interesting cycle. Why I am also bringing this up, is because, we are getting bombard with so many information’s that we literally filter them out and many times the wrong one’s :(.

This thoughts occurred to me when I visited my village where I was born and meet the people which I spend my time when I was child. Although I have to admit, I haven’t meet with them for a quite some time.  To decide to be a part of somebodies life or not, does not depend fully on your choice, but you can influence much more then you think. I am not saying this is a bad thing, but this is again where you meet the two unseparated brothers and how flow of life is working to remind you that nothing lasts forever. Changes are natural cycle of life and this can help you to clear your mind and go maybe for the things you really want. After you make the decision there  shouldn’t moments to puzzled around what would be if. Simply, make the move and “fertig” (This is a German word for finished).

With may last word for this that, I am saying that decision, life & time  are a n*sty trio, they come, shape your future and then just leave you with that. In order to preserve the people you want in your life, you need to spend time with them, because if not the connections that you made will eventually fade away. Keep that in mind, be cool and enjoy your life.




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