It begins with why and ends with action

It begins with why and ends with action

Every representation worth doing has just one purpose to make a change happen. No change, no point. [Seth’s blog]

I also believe that a blog is a representation on an internet without  the author being physically there. So, what change I would like to seek in our (global) community? For starters, to ask ourselves more frequently the Why question and if I’m happy with the things I’m doing right now, because that will help us to stop the challenges that we face in our society today. I think, the answer isn’t so important, because most of the time you don’t realize if this is true, you just assume it, you just believe it. Your thinking is a reflection of the reality that has a filter and that filter is your subconscious. The reality of a person is made of his beliefs, what he identifies himself and also what he defends.


Okay than, for example how do someone realize his true personality? For me, it often occurs when I’m doing something that has some relevance with my claims to my personality. I will give a trivial example. You say that you stand for equality of every human being and sexual orientation is a human right and then comes the test.In the accompany of your friends a person appears that has a different sexual orientation that you would expect of him. As time passes, your friends discriminates him. What do you do? Nothing, or even worse, you are doing the same, because you don’t want to be excluded from the group. I’m only say this:


Or you are making decisions that everybody expects from you, going to University, going to church or going to work after graduating. I don’t say this is bad; actually this is good, if you want this. But, do you really want this? The question that you have to ask yourself is the following one:

If I’m happy with the things that I’m doing right now?

Is this really what motivates me?

Is this really what I want to do?

I know that most of us don’t have the answer and that’s WHY the Why question is so crucial. I do not want only to uncover problems, but to offer some solutions or some possibilities that might  help.

First, you have to be true to yourself and acknowledge, confess your mistakes. If you are not willing to make this step than there can’t be any changes. I have researched through some amount of data, articles and  come up with a system that might discover your true personality:

The (excellent) articles:

Programming Your Subconscious Mind

The Practice of Relaxed Awareness

My Idea

A human mind works on patterns or programs, especially the subconscious part. Usually what triggers those patterns is an outside event and the reaction is a thought or a behaviour, like in the series of doctor House. A key word triggers House’s almighty subconscious program that solves the problem. He actually isn’t doing anything, his subconscious is “saving the day”. The basic idea here is to create a pattern that will recognize your statements how you see yourself. To create this, you will have to ask yourself  so many times the why question that it will be integrated in your mind. Make a loop of why questions about for 20 minutes and also answer them. Make a routine, do it twice or trice in a week, make your own schedule, but do not break the routine.

This may help:

The 3 Most Important Questions to Ask Yourself

You will also have to develop a skill that will help you to calm down the mind and objectively look on the situation. This is called a relaxed awareness.

Why is so important?

You are relaxed and aware, you are not trying to solve the external, but rather your internal problems and it makes you a better observant of your own mind. The more you will enhance this skill, the more you will be able to freeze the moment and watch your subconscious reaction. It can be achieved through mediation, breathing techniques, yoga, …

To sum up

Your subconscious mind it’s like a kid, what copies everything you do. You are asking yourself the why question and that kid(subconscious mind) memorizes it, if you are doing it long enough. When something occurs that isn’t aligning with that knowledge, he appears. You have the feeling that something is running in the back of your mind. In that moment your relaxed awareness has to pop in. With that you will have to make a decision. Will you denied it or admitted it? That’s why is it important to be true to yourself and acknowledge, confess your mistakes.

What I want to achieve, with this post, is creating the WHY/ACTION habit and see if I am missing something here and what that is.

MY WHY: to learn, to create, to improve and to share.

MY ACTION: First the easiest one, to blog and then who knows, we will see.

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