The above picture explains quite a lot. It is a circle that you can’t enter so easily. Except if you have a special ticket, but that is not the thing I want blog about. My interest is moving towards a emerging Idea. And that is Start:up and what comes up with it. I had the fortune to participate in the start:up project in Maribor. And that is in Slovenia. Don’t know?! Google it, the next time you better know it.


Most of the students haven’t got a clue what is necessary to get a customer to buy something from you or to be loyal to your product, but  with the help of Start:ups you can grasp it and get a better picture how the situation really is? Furthermore, you see the power of people, and I was amazed on how much energy, ideas and brainstorming could there be in one place. Each of the Idea, that was presented on the seminar,  is a winner, and had a potential to succeed, the only obstacle that lies between making a real deal and ending in a trash cane , is their will to make it happen and our economy (yeah sh*t, happens).


On the other way Flogging Molly would say: Nothing ever came from a life that was simple one,.. Than hell with circumstances,  create opportunities. And that is the point of start:up projects. To make a difference, to no just sit at home and have only complains and being angry most of time, but to create and to contribute to the society and maybe make the world a better place.

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