The above picture explains quite a lot. It is a circle that you can’t enter so easily. Except if you have a special ticket, but that is not the thing I want blog about. My interest is moving towards a emerging Idea. And that is Start:up and what comes up with it. I had the fortune to participate in the start:up project in Maribor. And that is in Slovenia. Don’t know?! Google it, the next time you better know it.


Most of the students haven’t got a clue what is necessary to get a customer to buy something from you or to be loyal to your product, but  with the help of Start:ups you can grasp it and get a better picture how the situation really is? Furthermore, you see the power of people, and I was amazed on how much energy, ideas and brainstorming could there be in one place. Each of the Idea, that was presented on the seminar,  is a winner, and had a potential to succeed, the only obstacle that lies between making a real deal and ending in a trash cane , is their will to make it happen and our economy (yeah sh*t, happens).


On the other way Flogging Molly would say: Nothing ever came from a life that was simple one,.. Than hell with circumstances,  create opportunities. And that is the point of start:up projects. To make a difference, to no just sit at home and have only complains and being angry most of time, but to create and to contribute to the society and maybe make the world a better place.

Life, Time & Decision are treacherous things!


I now understand  why somebody compares time it with a river; because it twists, changes directions,  units with other waters and goes the way no matter what hindrance  comes, it just flows. This is also how life is. It just unfolds with your decision  that you consciously or unconsciously make with the people in your life or not.

In addition, you may have a free choice to pick up a stream you want to go, but along with Ms. Free Choice there is another friend who tags with him,  Ms. Consequence, however he may come with a little delay. At first you may not see it, like the shoots at the bar, but eventually it will come and when it comes then it will hit you when you would at least expect. Booom! Also the brothers “Free Choice & Consequence” are unseparate like two sites of a coin… you will never lose them, never! A good thing to thing to keep in mind is that which direction, decision you pick,  it will never be perfect, because there are no perfect decision, only decision’s that you can live with and survive them.

At this point you may wonder where the hell I am going write in my post? Mhhmm… good question. What I would like put across with this, is basically to spend some time with the decisions which you took and ponder around why you took them and why. This can be sometimes a little painful.  Even if you would postpone it, or not take any stand for it, it is still a decision. No matter if your are active or passive, it is still a stand and through that this shapes your life and indirect also you. Yes, this is a interesting cycle. Why I am also bringing this up, is because, we are getting bombard with so many information’s that we literally filter them out and many times the wrong one’s :(.

This thoughts occurred to me when I visited my village where I was born and meet the people which I spend my time when I was child. Although I have to admit, I haven’t meet with them for a quite some time.  To decide to be a part of somebodies life or not, does not depend fully on your choice, but you can influence much more then you think. I am not saying this is a bad thing, but this is again where you meet the two unseparated brothers and how flow of life is working to remind you that nothing lasts forever. Changes are natural cycle of life and this can help you to clear your mind and go maybe for the things you really want. After you make the decision there  shouldn’t moments to puzzled around what would be if. Simply, make the move and “fertig” (This is a German word for finished).

With may last word for this that, I am saying that decision, life & time  are a n*sty trio, they come, shape your future and then just leave you with that. In order to preserve the people you want in your life, you need to spend time with them, because if not the connections that you made will eventually fade away. Keep that in mind, be cool and enjoy your life.




Why we do what we do

What piqued my interest in the past was a TED talk from Tony Robbins with the title “Why we do what we do”. As many people know he is a good speaker and entertainer, although trough his talk I didn’t fully grasp or understand the whole speech and this bothered me a bit. So, I decided to create a post about his talk on TED. As the title of his speech implies it talks about our motivations, drives, desires and needs. The background idea is that emotions, human raw emotions, are the driving force of life. It also applies that the reason you failed something significant in your life, isn’t because you didn’t have enough resources. With resources he means money, education, talent, connections and so on, but you failed, because you didn’t have resourcefulness which are human emotions. He points out that those human emotions are the defining factor for success, the energy that keeps you constantly in motion. Interesting! In his talk he provides with some tangible examples that you can correlate with them. However, in the end of his speech he doesn’t completely finish and with his last words I couldn’t exactly extract the meanings. Also couple of his explanations are to metaphoric to understand to hole reassigns. For me the concept of success is based on this quote.


What would you say what is the ultimate super power a being could have in real life? The answer is DECISIONS, because decisions form your destiny, your journey. Decisions make what you are and each decision taken consciously or unconsciously contribute to your life. For example, the high school you pick, work you do, the partner that you have or haven’t chosen. If we go deeper which we will, and according to Tony’s speech, our decision are shaped with two invisible forces.

The two invisible forces

The first one works in the moment and is our physical, emotional state that we are in. It is the consequence of dynamical events. For instance, if somebody threatened you, you would be in a different state that in comparison if you would win a lottery and because of that you would took different decision. The second force works on a long-term period and represents the model of your world. It is this thought in your mind which tells what is or isn’t possible for you. Usually but not always the second force works in a situation where you have time, in a calm environment that aren’t affected by outside events. Moreover, these forces don’t work separately, but are intertwined and work hand on hand. The only question is by which of them are you the most affected in a given situation. The two invisible forces consist of three parts. The first group is our targets, desires and needs, the second is our map or our belief systems and the third is our fuel we pick, motivators. Here gets very interesting, because he presents something from general to specific with some structure to it. Okay then let’s get ready to rumble.

(Psychological) needs and desires

From Tony perspective we share all the same needs, but with different priorities which create different motivational interest and this tilts us in different destinies. According to the speech there all six needs or desires. I will enumurate each of desires and give an action that we take in order to fulfill them. The first four are the needs of the personality, but the last two are the needs of the soul, quite intriguing.

  • Certainty: You have to be certain that you are save or at least comfortable in the things you are doing and  it will not crumble or fall apart. We do this by possessing a certain skill, smoking, making fun of others, controlling something or someone or by believing that our government is there to help us.
  • Uncertainty: You need suprise, variety, changes. This accomplished by living, because file is a constant flow of changes.
  • Critical/Significance:  We need the feeling to be important, special and unique. This we achieve by making more money, being more spiritual, stepping out if the crowd, pusting nude photos on social media and etc.
  • Connection and love: Yes, we need it. We do it through friendship, intimacy, prayer, walking in nature…
  • Growing: Apparently if you do not grow, you feel miserable. The reason for growing is to have something to give a value to and give something back to society which then leads to contribution. Contribution is the sixth human need.
  • Contribution: This need is an obligation to the society that you gave back. “Contribution is something beyond themselves, because living is giving. Life is not about me, it’s about us.”

Belief, belief, belief my friend

These were the 6 needs. Next on list are the belief systems. The belief systems are more like your ideology in what you believe in. It corresponds to the second invisible force which we talk about. You have to decided which action suits best for needs. Being a rock star for the critical significance desire, being a mother to feel connected, loved and so on. Apparently, there are 6 beliefs. In this section Tony hasn’t elaborate them well and he didn’t explain it all in details. So, I can’t explain them better,

Emotion is energy in motion

The third piece of puzzle is emotions. The motivators, which help us keep going. Emotions can work for or against us. We can use emotions to change the quality of our life. The essential point here is to identify which emotion pops us at a giving situation, realize them, and choose the appropriate action. Happiness is a choice.

What is the takeaway?

“Explore and try to understand your needs, beliefs and emotions which are controlling you”. Only then will you better understand yourself and, consequently, achieve more.  My invitation is this, take a pen and a paper, write down your desires which we have explained and your belief systems which do you believe in. After that, try to find some conclusions which describe you for good and worse. This could bring you step closer to yourself. Maybe show it to your friends and ask them about their opinion. This is for now.

Cheers out 🙂


The facts about dating and mating

Every beginning is hard and every start is quite a hurdle. For a long time, I had been wrapping my head around what to blog next. I had a few ideas about word economy but decided not to write about it, since it was to dynamic and there was too much data to comprehend in order to make heads or tails of it. Gosh! The next idea was writing about Slovenia, because is often confused with Slovakia, or if you ask somebody,  they will most likely answer: “Yeah I know, you are from Yugoslavia”. This is particularly the case with older generations. Like computers need an upgrade, these people definitely need it too. However, if I were to write about this, it would not be so intriguing. I could put a lot of effort into it and it would turn out to be boring.

Then it hit me! Why not write about something mainstream, popular, something that everybody could relate to and is one of the greatest boosts of motivation ever known to mankind. Ladies and gentlemen, I present you the science of sex: the truths about dating and mating proven by science. If there are any romantic souls reading this and want to retain hope, please LEAVE IMMEDIATELY, FORGET THAT YOU HAVE STUMBLED ON THIS AND NEVER LOOK BACK.

For those, who are still with me, I will say only this:


The cool quote above is from Dante’s Inferno. It is so appealing that I just had to use it. What I am going to write from now on will show us (men) in a pretty bad light :/. Okay, let’s roll already, baby!

Nasty facts about men:

Men want more sex than women, I think this isn’t hard to guess, and we are likely to hit on girls with big boobs, and often the main reason why men kiss is to lead towards sex. Furthermore, the reason why men cuddle (after sex) is to get more sex.

If I read the upper lines again, they describe us men as total sexual maniacs… sex, sex and more sex x). Maybe this isn’t so far from truth. Perhaps this was posted and written by a crazy women who got dumped dozens of times and every time she writes a sentence down, she shouts:”Bastard, asshole, schwein, prasec, moron! Your race will pay”

Nevertheles, here are the articles which allegedly support this fact:

Are men more likely to hit on women with larger breast?

Do men really want sex more than women?

Do men and women kiss for different reasons?

Why men cuddle?

The next facts have some numbers in them and are quite funny:

How much does a guy spend on an engagement ring? The younger the woman, the more he spends.If a guy didn’t have to impress his woman, he would probably never leave the couch. Statics show that man are as likely to cheat on their wives as they are to experience a flight delay.


Here are the links:

What would men do if they didn’t have to impress women?

What determines how much a man spends on an engagement ring?

Is a married man as likely to cheat on his wife as he is to experience a flight delay?

I think this is enough about us. Let us move on to the opposite gender. Women can also be b****es.

These are the following facts:

A happy, modest, unselfish guy is a turn-off and women are more likely to be attracted to bad boys. The fact is that women prefer jerks. They also find married men more attractive than the ones who are single. Having an expensive, flashy car and throwing money around makes men more attractive to women.


Here is the proof:

Does having a high-status car really make a man more attractive to women?

Young Women’s Dating Behavior: Why/Why Not Date a Nice Guy?

What gets a man more one-night stands?

Nice guys finish last.

I am not sure about t the extremity of this, but these are the facts. What can you do about it? If you take another aspect into account, you might find a potential fault in genetics and evolution. Gentlemen are an extinct species, right?


NOOooooo, in my opinion, this is not true. Maybe for one-night this can be very handy and rises your chances, but for more than that , you have to be on the same wavelength. The appearance can  be quite deceptive. The odds of meeting a crazy person are quite high. I have read on the internet that a women stabbed a man just because he did not want to be her boyfriend afterwards. If you are decide to have a fling , think before you act or try to :D. To sum up, you could say that men are focused on looks and women on status. One gender focus more on physical attributes, where as for the female gender gives more importance to attributes regarding men’s reputation. According to science this is all to produce healthier offspring and safer financial future. Okay than, the instincts, impulses and subconscious patterns control us who we favour or who we are attracted. This is true, but in the end you always decide how to react on them or what you want to do. Again, you can’t blame genes for your action or the enviroment, you are alone responsible for the action you choose. Long live the free will.

P.S. If you want to find more about subconscious pattern,  have an article about.  You can check it out here 😀

If you have any questions, just comment below.

Sind die Elektromotoren die Zukunft in der Nautika?

Sind die Elektromotoren die Zukunft in der Nautika?

Mein heutiges Thema handelt über Elektromotoren in der Nautika. Die Richtung die die Welt geht, fast alle, ist in der erster Linie der Umweltschutz, um eine Zukunft für den Nachwuchs zu ermoglichen. Aber ist es moglich eine elektromobile Gesellschaft zu schaffen?

Naturschutz muss im Vordergrund sein

In meisten geshützten Gewässen sind Benzinmotoren verboten, wagen der Verschmutzung des Wassers beim Betanken und dem Ausdringen des Ölls wegen der undichte der Küllestung. Ein guter Vorteil der Elektromotoren ist, dass es keine unangenehmen Gerüche erzeugt und auch im Vergleich zu Vebrennungsmotoren sind die Elektromotoren leiser. Dann kommt noch der ökonomische Aspekt, der Preis des Öls steigt. Im Brennpunkt steht der Wachstum der Weltbevolkerung und die Konsequenzen, die ein solcher Lebensstil bringen wird.

Problem!? Gelöst

Die Problematik bei Elektromotoren waren/sind die Batterien. In der Vergangenheit  waren Batterien aus Blei. Dazu kamen noch zwei Probleme: Platz und Gewicht. Sie waren sehr schwer und relativ Groß. In manchen Fällen haben die Batterien einen Großteil des Fahrzeuges dargestellt. Heute dagegen verwenden wir Lithium-Ionen Basierte Akkus, die noch eine bessere Energiekapazität haben und wesentlich leichter sind.

Die Frage der Reichweite

Zum beispiel Tesla Motors versprechen am hellicten Tag mehr als 410 km bei 100km/h zu erreichen und die Ladezeit beträgt mehr las eine Stunde. Das klingt sehr vielversprechend. Aber ich glaube in den nächsten Jahren wird sich das noch sehr verändern, zum Besseren. Das Unternehmen Torquedo spezialisiert sich auf elektrische Antribe füt Boote und ihre Motoren brauchen auch mehr als eine Stunde um zu laden, die Reichweite ist von Modell zu Modell untershiedlich.

Ist noch Raum für Entwicklung?


Angeblich schon. Neue Leistungselektronik ermöglicht, dass das Wechselfeld über eine elektronidche, digitale Schaltung erzeugt wird. Das Bedeutet, dass auch Bürsten überflussig sind und die Verluste espart bleiben. Wegen der Elektronik passt sich der Vorlaufwinkel des Wechselfelds präzise an. Nicht nur ein Bürstenloses Modell sondern auch eine Aussenlaufer-Bauwise wird entwickelt. Bei herkömmlichen Elektromotoren setzt man der Rottor nach innen und plaziert den Stator an der Aussensite des Motors. Dadurch ist die Bauwise eher Drehmoment-schwach. Beim Ausslaufer ist die Situation umgekert. Der Stator befindet sich in innen und Magneten rotieren, auf eine Art Glocke, aussen um der Stator. Durch eine solche Konstruktion wird ein zwei mal hoher Drehmoment generiert als in konventionellen Motorkonstruktionen.

Die grösste Mach ist die Macht der Entscheidung

Es steht ausser Zweifel, dass eine Veränderung kommen muss und der Lebensstil von neuen Entwicklungen beeinflusst wird, mit guten und schlechten Seiten. Die Frage, die wir uns stellen müssen ist die Folgende: Können wir Geld essen oder wie lange kann die Natur unseren Ego-Trip noch durchalten?


It begins with why and ends with action

It begins with why and ends with action

Every representation worth doing has just one purpose to make a change happen. No change, no point. [Seth’s blog]

I also believe that a blog is a representation on an internet without  the author being physically there. So, what change I would like to seek in our (global) community? For starters, to ask ourselves more frequently the Why question and if I’m happy with the things I’m doing right now, because that will help us to stop the challenges that we face in our society today. I think, the answer isn’t so important, because most of the time you don’t realize if this is true, you just assume it, you just believe it. Your thinking is a reflection of the reality that has a filter and that filter is your subconscious. The reality of a person is made of his beliefs, what he identifies himself and also what he defends.


Okay than, for example how do someone realize his true personality? For me, it often occurs when I’m doing something that has some relevance with my claims to my personality. I will give a trivial example. You say that you stand for equality of every human being and sexual orientation is a human right and then comes the test.In the accompany of your friends a person appears that has a different sexual orientation that you would expect of him. As time passes, your friends discriminates him. What do you do? Nothing, or even worse, you are doing the same, because you don’t want to be excluded from the group. I’m only say this:


Or you are making decisions that everybody expects from you, going to University, going to church or going to work after graduating. I don’t say this is bad; actually this is good, if you want this. But, do you really want this? The question that you have to ask yourself is the following one:

If I’m happy with the things that I’m doing right now?

Is this really what motivates me?

Is this really what I want to do?

I know that most of us don’t have the answer and that’s WHY the Why question is so crucial. I do not want only to uncover problems, but to offer some solutions or some possibilities that might  help.

First, you have to be true to yourself and acknowledge, confess your mistakes. If you are not willing to make this step than there can’t be any changes. I have researched through some amount of data, articles and  come up with a system that might discover your true personality:

The (excellent) articles:

Programming Your Subconscious Mind

The Practice of Relaxed Awareness

My Idea

A human mind works on patterns or programs, especially the subconscious part. Usually what triggers those patterns is an outside event and the reaction is a thought or a behaviour, like in the series of doctor House. A key word triggers House’s almighty subconscious program that solves the problem. He actually isn’t doing anything, his subconscious is “saving the day”. The basic idea here is to create a pattern that will recognize your statements how you see yourself. To create this, you will have to ask yourself  so many times the why question that it will be integrated in your mind. Make a loop of why questions about for 20 minutes and also answer them. Make a routine, do it twice or trice in a week, make your own schedule, but do not break the routine.

This may help:

The 3 Most Important Questions to Ask Yourself

You will also have to develop a skill that will help you to calm down the mind and objectively look on the situation. This is called a relaxed awareness.

Why is so important?

You are relaxed and aware, you are not trying to solve the external, but rather your internal problems and it makes you a better observant of your own mind. The more you will enhance this skill, the more you will be able to freeze the moment and watch your subconscious reaction. It can be achieved through mediation, breathing techniques, yoga, …

To sum up

Your subconscious mind it’s like a kid, what copies everything you do. You are asking yourself the why question and that kid(subconscious mind) memorizes it, if you are doing it long enough. When something occurs that isn’t aligning with that knowledge, he appears. You have the feeling that something is running in the back of your mind. In that moment your relaxed awareness has to pop in. With that you will have to make a decision. Will you denied it or admitted it? That’s why is it important to be true to yourself and acknowledge, confess your mistakes.

What I want to achieve, with this post, is creating the WHY/ACTION habit and see if I am missing something here and what that is.

MY WHY: to learn, to create, to improve and to share.

MY ACTION: First the easiest one, to blog and then who knows, we will see.